We make it a reality for the poorest of the poor


    We help young people learn the language and find meaningful employment in the city


    We provide families with the gift of clean water for the first time in their lives


    We build growing families adequate and safe shelter


Bridge of Life School is a not-for-profit organization providing free educational and community based programming at rural sites in the Cambodian countryside. Our mission is to build bridges to opportunities previously unavailable through a Khmer led, community supported approach.



We are a local organization run by Khmers for the benefit of Khmers. We value community-based development and our staff come from and have a direct relationship to the communities where we work.


We are an independent non-profit and do not receive funding from the government. We are able to develop our own programs and teach, train, and support beneficiaries who participate on their own accord.


We are open to different ideas and strategies; our approach is grassroots and very flexible: we try new things, sometimes make mistakes, but learn from them and make adjustments to avoid them in the future.


We value community ownership and are striving to become financially independent in the long-term. We do this by partnering with local social enterprises who use their profits to fund our programming.

Help Us Continue Our Work

Make a donation today to help us sustain and expand our efforts in Cambodia. There are so many needs still left unmet and with your help we can continue making a difference in the lives of others. The entirety of your gift goes to Bridge of Life School and it is tax-deductible in the United States.


Our projects

English Class

We provide free English classes at three sites in the Cambodian countryside and reach over 200 students daily. By facilitating language acquisition we can connect students to the tourism economy where they can find jobs that pay a living wage.

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Sewing Program

The ability to master sewing is a sought after skill but, due to financial obstacles, is not a possibility for many women. We offer a sewing course, provide free machines, and give a cash stipend upon graduation so women can start small business at home.

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Computer Classes

Proficiency in Typing, Email and Microsoft Office gives students an advantage when navigating their career path. We provide computer classes free of charge at three sites in Siem Reap and Kompong Thom.

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Pre-Primary Education: Most students in Cambodia don't begin learning until they start primary school at 8 years old. Learning at a younger age helps children develop language and critical thinking skills, better preparing them for primary school.

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Clean Water

We believe clean water is a human right and build water wells and distribute ceramic pot and biosand filters free of charge in the countryside. In addition, we facilitate clean water training and soap distribution with partner organizations.

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Floating Home Construction

The Tonle Sap lake is home to some of the poorest families in Cambodia. Many live on thatched roof boats with insufficient space or protection from the elements. We build structurally sound housing for families on the great lake.

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