According to a survey conducted in 2007 at the request of the World Bank, between 39% and 60% of rural Cambodians currently have access to clean drinking waterMany in the communities we work with still lack access to clean water.  Others claim to drink clean water, but it would be considered contaminated by WHO standards.  Bridge of Life School is addressing the issue with an approach that focuses on awareness and the importance of using clean water to improve overall health. 

Our clean water initiative began in Banteay Srey district. Between 2009 and 2011 we built seven wells throughout Kon Deng village. We have also distributed over 100 ceramic filters and provided clean water and sanitation trainings to complement the distribution. We continue our efforts at our site in Kompong Khleang, the floating village, where most residents still drink directly from the late. To date we have purchased 35 biosand filters, providing clean water for over 200 residents. We have also partnered with EcoSoap, ensuring residents have access to affordable recycled soap.