There are many ways to help…

The school is sustained entirely through the generosity of our donors. Please help us continue our effort to promote learning, support community development, and change lives in the countryside of Cambodia.


The easiest way to support our school is through a monetary donation. Donations can be made online here or by check (directions below) The money goes directly to the non-profit and will be used towards general expenses including teacher and staff salaries, training, supplies, and other program or development expenses.

Our school is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of California. All donations are tax deductible according to state nd federal law. Our Federal Tax ID number is 27-2168042

Many donors have expressed an interest in certain parts of the program. If you prefer, you can make donation to provide a certain item or support a particular service. Examples of these items and services are below:

  • $10 – provides a school uniform from our sewers so a student can attend school
  • $25 – buys additional cloth and supplies for our sewing program
  • $50 – buys a used bike for a student with means to get to high school
  • $150 – helps pay a staff member’s salary for a month
  • $300 – pays for the construction water well, filter, and training for a family
  • $800 – pays to run our entire program for nearly a month