The mission of Bridge of Life School is to provide educational and community based programming based on community input and need:


  • We build bridges to solve problems and create opportunities by teaching, training, and supporting local individuals and communities.
  • We work with motivated students and communities who actively participate on their own accord, without financial compensation. We do not discriminate and welcome all to participate in our educational programs.
  • We consider ourselves a Khmer not-for-profit. We hire Khmer staff who come from and have a direct relationship to the communities where we work whenever possible. We invest our resources into staff over aesthetics.
  • We maintain an openness to different ideas and strategies; our approach is grassroots and always flexible; we try new things, often make mistakes, but learn from them and share them with others.
  • We value community ownership, keeping sustainability in mind as a long-term goal through the development of separate, income generating enterprises that financially support our organization.